In 2005 Martyn won first prize for Engineering Excellence with his Ariel HT5 replica, in the International Classic Motorcycle Show in Stafford, United Kingdom.

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Meet Martyn Adams

Martyn Adams first got a taste for motorcycles as a child. His father was the timekeeper and announcer at speedway tracks in the north of England, and the family would host young speedway riders coming to England to ride. The young Martyn spent a lot of time at speedway tracks and would help the riders in the paddock, topping up their machines with fuel and oil.

There was never much doubt what he wanted to do for a living and he began his engineering apprenticeship in 1974. In 1978 he started working with speedway World Champion Peter Collins before a visit to Australia in the summer of 78/79. On his return to the UK, Martyn started his own business repairing speedway motors, spending the summers touring the European speedway circuit with his best mate, Dutch rider Henny Kroeze.

In 2006 Martyn moved to Australia, bringing with him 14 tons of equipment along with his skill, experience and passion for motorcycles.

He continues to take great satisfaction in his work. “Anything that’s a success gives you a buzz,” Martyn says. Whether he’s working on a world champ’s bike or riding his Ariel special in pre-1965 trials, his love for motorcycles and engineering shines through.

Martyn has an enviable stable of classic bikes, including the Ariel, a Triumph Tiger Cub, an AJS 7R, a Honda RC30, a 1936 Excelsior Manxman and his pride and joy, a 1927 Rex Acme 350 which has been clocked at 93 miles per hour.

Janet clipsa
Janet (Martyn's 'better half') riding a restored 1961 Triumph Tiger Cub Sport. Martyn and son Ben with Sir Murray Walker
and Martyn's TT Rex Acme. Pictured at the
Murray Walker Extreme Machines
Exhibition at the Clipsal 500, 2010 in
Adelaide, South Australia.
Martyn in action on his 1927 TT Rex Acme at the Clipsal 500,
2010 Adelaide, South Australia.



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